University of Victoria Law School Co-op Program


Since 1998, we have regularly hired students from the co-op program at the University of Victoria Law School. These placements are arranged through the University of Victoria.

We provide students with an experience that will both complement their legal studies and prepare them for private practice. While most of the student workload consists of research, we also involve students in other aspects of legal practice including client meetings.

Each student has the use of a computer workstation with internet access for on-line research. The firm’s library includes both on-line research tools and hard copy books and periodicals.

We provide students with ongoing assessment of their work and formal mid-term and end of term reviews.

We believe that it is important for students to form sustainable work habits early in their careers. Weekend work is discouraged unless absolutely necessary (which is a very rare occurrence if one is well-organized). It is essential that students learn to organize their time so that they can lead well-balanced lives in their future careers.

Articling Students

Articling Students

We believe that students should use the articling year to gain a broad exposure to a range of legal disciplines. Due to the highly specialized nature of our practice, we cannot give articling students exposure to that broad range of legal disciplines.

In the past, we have provided a tax rotation for articling students with an interest in tax law. These students articled with another office but spent part of their articles in our office to gain some tax experience. This could be arranged on a case-by-case basis and would require the consent of the primary articling office.